April 2017

Setting us up for Success!
As we look toward the next 9 months of 2017, we are going to be hosting many in-store events to change more lives in this beautiful new location! One thing we will be doing is having event “hosts” – people like you who will be willing to partner with us in the areas of hospitality and networking.  Here’s how you and your friends can help set us up for success with these in store shopping events:

1.     Become a Hospitality Host – one thing we want to do when people come into the store is make them feel welcome, make it a place that’s fun and where they can fellowship while they shop to change lives. We are looking for people to be hospitality hosts – bringing food and refreshments to our events, or providing financial resources for us to do this at each of these special events! Get those foodies together and bring them over here to help us change lives.

2.     Networking – help us get the word out that we are having these events.  Promote these events at your church, office, with your friends, on social media, and personally bring someone or a group of people to one of the events we will have. We will also do our part to invite shoppers, but to have people committed to coming to the events is key for setting us up for success!

3.     Host a private shopping event – Invite your nearest and dearest, social club, church and anyone you want to tell about Heavenly Treasures and Shop with a Mission. We can host these events after hours or even on Sunday afternoons. We will provide promotional materials. One person did this with her group and we were able to raise $2,000 in product sales in only two hours! A lady who lives across the street came over and bought a beautiful handbag and said, “I’m never shopping at Coach again!”

Let’s work together to sell product so people around the world can become self-sufficient and provide for their families.

If you are able to help us in any of three areas, please contact me directly.

Changing Lives Together,

Caroline Sakanashi | (626)808-8447 cell | caroline@heavenlytreasures.org