about our livelihood projects

Heavenly Treasures is a micro enterprise network, focusing on MED (Micro Enterprise Development).  We believe that livelihood projects are vehicles to empower the poor and oppressed by helping to break the cycle of poverty. 

A livelihood project is a micro enterprise that may consist of one artisan or a community of people that use their gifts and abilities to produce high quality handicrafts.  The handicrafts are generally those that are indigenous to the area made of local materials.  Heavenly Treasures staff works to help the artisans to make items that are marketable in the US and to help with development of a local market.    

Our vision is to help people learn to provide for their families, encourage them to work together, and learn to help others through their own experience. We believe that all people have gifts and abilities that can be used to help themselves.  It is our belief that we and others can help one person at a time to develop skills and abilities that will benefit themselves, their families, and their community.  Through this help, we also hope lives will be changed spiritually as well as economically. 
Together, we want to fulfill this mission, using the natural resources of the indigenous country and purposefully working together with others worldwide to fulfill this vision.

Heavenly Treasures network together with thousands of people who have purchased product have changed lives around the world since 1998.

Every product represents a changed life!