Jordan - IME

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Evangelical Philadelphia Nazarene Church in Marka, Jordan came up with a way to financially help Iraqi refugees who were attending their house of worship. This is to do the letter ن in Mosaic artwork. This symbol is "the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet and the equivalent to the Roman letter N. The ن stands for Nasara or Nazarenes, a pejorative Arabic word for Christians pronounced "noon".  The church got this inspiring project started after training some Iraqi families in the step-by-step process to artfully create the individual mosaic pieces; and how to go about selling their work to help sustain themselves during their season in Jordan so the refugee families are able to support themselves.

IME empowers national leaders to proclaim the grace and truth of Jesus and plant reproducing house churches among the underserved.

In Jordan, their long-standing ministry in the capital of Amman is garnering national attention there, serving over 50,000 refugees. They have two church buildings in Amman along with 50 house meetings weekly. In a second neighborhood, a newly ordained bi-vocational pastor has a growing ministry that began in his home. He now ministers to thousands of refugees, including a youth sports ministry that has gained national attention and is promoted by the Jordanian government.

Heavenly Treasures is partnering with Impact Middle East to sell their products, bring social justice, hope and employment for these precious people whose greatest wish is to be able to one day go back home. 

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