Bryan Clay - World's greatest Athlete

Heavenly Treasures has the wonderful opportunity to network with Bryan Clay, the 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist of the decathlon, also known as the 

“World's Greatest Athlete"!!

Bryan has an amazing testimony about how his life has changed through Christ. He grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii where as a teen he wasn't really headed down the right path but his success in sports gave him the opportunity to go to college. He went to Azusa Pacific University where he met his wife Sarah and also developed a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Bryan has a great heart for helping people to change their lives. He has established the “Bryan Clay Foundation” with the mission of helping to provide support for students in need and giving them opportunities for success they would not have otherwise. We want to network with Bryan and work together to change lives for Jesus.  

Bryan is able to introduce Heavenly Treasures into a broader network of churches and other organizations where we can further share about our mission and partner in new ways to expand our ministry efforts. We are partnering with Bryan as a spokesperson for Heavenly Treasures as he truly believes in what we are doing. He has been a featured speaker at our fundraising events as well as hosting the special "dinner with Bryan Clay" and more. 

We are blessed that Bryan wants to help our organization grow as it focuses on changing lives and how each person can help to change a life, even through a small way.  He is evidence of a changed life and we are privileged to partner with him!

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