Heavenly Treasures has been an affiliate of Free Methodist World Missions (FMWM) since 2009. Each of the members of our US-based mission team have been individually accepted as the first US Missionaries of FMWM. 

About Free Methodist World Missions:

To serve Free Methodists as together we make disciples of Jesus Christ among the peoples of the world

Multitudes becoming disciples of Jesus Christ as Free Methodists plant hundreds of healthy reproducing churches around the world
1.       Every local church sending . . .
. . . to the ends of the earth

2.       Every disciple ministering . . .
. . . in God's chosen place

3.       Every missionary supported . . .
. . . financially, emotionally and spiritually

4.       Every ministry interconnected . . .
. . . for maximum Kingdom impact
The Free Methodist Church has ministry in 82 countries worldwide.
-Taken From FMWM Website

For more information on Free Methodist Word Missions please visit:

Through this relationship with FMWM we hope to expand our network of church partners here in the US as well as network with more ministries around the world that can connect us with people we can assist through micro enterprise. 

Free Methodist churches can support the ministry of Heavenly Treasures through FMWM, meaning we can be included in your annual percentage given towards Free Methodist missionaries. Heavenly Treasures and each individual staff member is listed on the FMWM website where we can receive donations.


Thanks to those of you that played a part in making this possible; many of you have walked with us to see the expansion and realization of the HT Mission and Vision. We believe that God has set down this path for us and Heavenly Treasures will continue as an inter-denominational mission society under the accountability of the HT Board of Directors. We praise God for the growth and movement of Heavenly Treasures throughout the past 10 years of ministry.