Huichol Handicrafts

Persecuted for their faith, the Huichol people of Mexico have had their land taken away and had to fight for their rights as they proclaimed their devotion to Jesus Christ. They are amazing artisans and Heavenly Treasures is excited to begin working with them on several handicraft projects! Our projects will be working with the people from Epic Ministries in Mexico and also with the people of Rancho Sordo Mundo, a ministry in Ensenada Mexico working with the deaf. 


AMOR Handicrafts

mexico artisan training.jpg

The women of Amor Handicrafts are from Baja Mexico. They are migrant farm workers who are severely impoverished. They work hard for what little income for their families that they can. In order to make their homes more beautiful, they hand embroider cloth to make into tortilla warmers, table cloths and decor for their homes since they can't afford to buy decor. Heavenly Treasures hopes to continue to bless this ministry with more orders and product development as we sell their initial order of their home products, which are available in-store and a few pieces are also online at 

Mexico artisan.jpg