Hosting an event

We need your help to make a difference!  

Heavenly Treasures invites you to sponsor an event at your church, women’s event, community event, or at our storefront in Glendora. By sponsoring an event you will be supporting people living in poverty by purchasing their handmade products. 100% of sale proceeds go directly back to the project participants.  It’s easy and enjoyable to put together an event, just email for an event form! 


THINK BIG | Think of ways you can incorporate your church body, family, women’s groups / events, clubs, etc.  and how you can best partner with us. Find or create opportunities to share these crafts and the lives they represent to your group. 

CONTACT US | Inform us of your intended event date and location a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.  E-mail Caroline Sakanashi -  or call 626-963-7717 and we will send you an event request form and see if we can fit your event on our calendar.