Happy New Year!  We are thankful for a new year and all that is in store for Heavenly Treasures and Shop With A Mission!

You are part of the miracle of increasing our giving and sales at Shop With A Mission!  We have a large deficit in Sales and also in Donations that will affect our work in the 20 countries in 2017… unless as your part of the miracle can be an ongoing effort to restore our income to continue our work!

We want to say thank you with the deepest appreciation as I have shared with many of you that I am crying on the inside due to the downturn in sales, economic slowdown and decisions that were made by ministry partners!

The great news is that the new store is so gorgeous, easy to shop and a true destination to share with family and friends.

Here are the stats on our miracle in the making:

1.   The Shop With A Mission sales in December were 44% more than our ‘old’ location!

2.   The rent is lower (can you believe it) than our location on Foothill!

3.   We were able to host a record number of guests in December; our teas, grand opening and dedication by the Glendora Chamber of Commerce

4.   Our “We need a Miracle” campaign resulted in 49 unexpected donations!

These are our challenges:

1.   Poor cashflow; our decrease in sales and donations affects our ability to operate.

2.   Travel plans are cancelled unless we get funding!  We need to visit our artisans!

3.   No funding to reorder product as we have already reinvested in orders

4.   Ecommerce store is down due to severe hacking; new site in the near future

5.   Wholesale orders are down by 70% as many FairTrade stores have closed.

The Solution:

1.   Make ONE trip to Shop With A Mission to purchase gifts for your friends and family

2.   Become a monthly miracle donor or increase your commitment for ONE year – contact Christine Gross at cgross@heavenlytreasures.org or 626-963-7712

3.   Donate a flight from your frequent flier miles

4.   Give a charity match through your workplace


Join us to change lives and help us over this economic hump!  We are working right now to do what we can to maximize income and downsize our expenses. 

Let me know if you can be part of our solution for 2017. Continue to be part of the miracle! Please! I am asking on behalf of many that will be missing meals, not be able to go to school and struggle with the basic necessities of life!


You can make a difference!!


Together we are changing lives!

Kathy Gaulton