Zakale Creations

Zakale Creations is a small business situated in the Huruma Slums of Nairobi, Kenya. It's a tough place to live, riddled with gangs, drugs, crime, prostitution, and other evils. But sometimes people are able to break through these challenges and are able to see hope and a future rather than repeating the cycle of poverty. John began a workshop making handicrafts from recycled metals and glass. Through his own God given gifts and abilities he began his small business in the slums, but still continued his life of crime, drugs, and violence. As a very well known gang leader, John had a following of young men and women who looked up to him as a leader in the community, both fearing and respecting him at the same time.

A few years ago there was a noticeable difference in John. When asked, he'd say "it was the Lord." He came to know Christ as His personal Savior, not just the God his wife preached to him about. As John transformed, his business began to take form and met success.

John chose the name Zakale because it means "reuse" or "recycle." Those in the project have learned amazing skills, been able to break free from their past and break free into a future. Once discarded individuals now find self worth and value in the Lord. Each item made is created from recycled wire, hand twisted and manipulated into amazing pieces of art. Their lives are being reused for good and the business is flourishing. They're making a difference in their community and having a positive impact. Lives are changing through their work - day by day.

Zakale Creations products have been sold wholesale by HT to World Vision for their Maximum Impact Gift with donation catalog for the past 4 years! This is exciting as it is keeping the artisans of Zakale Creations working all year. As their business continues to flourish they are making a positive difference in their community. John has been able to start a community center where the youth can come can dance, play soccer and have a place to channel their energy and talents. Please pray for the entire Zakale Creations family as they continue to be an agent of change & transformation.